Why a leadership network?

The Global Network of Volunteering Leadership (GNVL) is IAVE’s new program to bring together national and regional structures working to strategically move volunteering forward.


Our research in over 100 countries worldwide, flagged how a significant number of these organizations lack sustained and sufficient capacity to achieve their mission. IAVE sees a great opportunity in this adversity: we believe that leadership organizations focused on valuing, supporting and developing volunteering provide a catalyst to enhance our common mission, getting more people involved as volunteers and raising awareness on the strategic value of volunteering, all while building key-partnerships to develop and execute successful initiatives.

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Leading for Volunteering
The Role of National Leadership Organizations for Volunteering
In October 2018, 52 participants from 33 countries met in Augsburg, Germany as part of the IAVE World Volunteer Conference. This report documents the shared ideals and challenges that were highlighted to IAVE.
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National Leadership for Volunteering
A Global Perspective
A few years ago IAVE completed the first ever global research into national leadership organisations for volunteering. Identifying organisations in over 100 countries. Find out about what the research says about leading for volunteering across six regions of the world.
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National Leadership for Volunteering
A Report from a First Global Dialogue
In November 2016 national leaders for volunteering from 38 countries met in Mexico City to take part in a global dialogue about volunteering. A dialogue that remain relevant and informative as we move into 2020.
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IAVE is committed to building the capacity of networks for volunteering, facilitating strategic knowledge development and creating convening spaces for volunteer leaders to generate meaningful connections. This network is a testament of this commitment, and its offerings are set to provide value to structures that, despite their growth stage, tend to have similar challenges to advance their efforts on:





Who can join the network?

We are building and scaling this network to welcome organizational members from all regions in the world. As we kick-off our efforts to build and spread strategic opportunities for the network, the criteria IAVE uses to identify membership eligibility is:


The primary purpose of the organization is to promote, strengthen and celebrate volunteering in all of the different ways it happens, supporting its strategic development.

The organization is recognized by IAVE as a leadership for volunteering organization. This includes:

  1. showing evidence of operating at a national level or a strategic regional level to promote and support volunteering; and
  2. showing evidence of linkages and/or active relationships/partnerships with volunteer-involving organizations, government and corporations, as well as institutions such as United Nations Volunteers when appropriate.

The organization believes in the values and vision of IAVE and is prepared to work with us, being our ambassador. The organization commits to actively engage with IAVE through, for example, disseminating and sharing information, inviting and engaging new members.

There will be no additional payment to join the Global Network of Volunteering Leadership.

What are the benefits of joining?

This is a unique opportunity to be part of a strategic global network focused on volunteering! We have developed a curriculum with an initial plan for program offerings; membership of IAVE’s Global Network for Volunteering Leadership include1:

Opportunities to engage and interact with other members of the network through a password protected section on the platform that allows for member-to-member engagement. Members will be provided with a membership badge that can be displayed on their website.

An invitation to our biennial Tools for Volunteering Leadership Conference and to regional network-gatherings, organized in parallel to IAVE’s convenings, offering tools and networking opportunities to help build your capacity as volunteering leadership organizations.

Funding grants for organizational capacity development.

The opportunity to apply for the IAVE GNVL Fellowship, a year-long leadership development program for select network members.

Access to virtual learning and development opportunities, including skills-based webinars, toolkits, and resources for volunteering.

The opportunity to work together to advocate for volunteering, enhancing recognition for its importance and adding greater value to the support of global initiatives such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Engagement opportunities with the members of IAVE’s Global Corporate Volunteer Council (GCVC), the only leadership network for global companies, headquartered throughout the world, that share a commitment to engaging their employees as volunteers in their communities.

1. Member’s engagement will be managed and facilitated by IAVE staff.